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An iBrochure adds a creative element of interest with roll-over images, interactive links, tabs and buttons that function like a web site, in an email-able format.

The iBrochure is cost effective, flexible - can follow your existing design or can be created in a totally new bespoke design.

Utilised either in an email or as a brochure download the iBrochure is a great addition to any companys marketing.

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What is an i-Brochure ?

An i-Brochure is an interactive PDF a form of electronic document that can contain a multitude of media including text, pictures, movies, music together with links to websites and email.

iBrochures, often written i-Brochure, are built with Adobe PDF technology, to view these files you need Adobe Reader that can be downloaded from the Adobe website for free.

An i-Brochure works with Windows and Mac, iBrochures have the advantage over a website that they are often more versatile. i-Brochures can be stored on web sites and downloaded to be viewed on screen, distributed or emailed.

When you send someone an i-Brochure, they can either view it on screen - they should be viewed in full screen to gain the full benefit of the interactive elements, print it or forward it.

An i-Brochure is a single file that contains all these elements, making it easy and reliable to send to people. i-Brochures scale to fit on any screen.

iBrochures can be made secure so that no-one can view your content and it can be made tamper proof. You can lock an i-Brochure with a password so that only those people you want to can open.

i-Brochures can contain all sorts of interactive media, including movies, animation and most other information including 360 virtual tours, photography, site plans email and contact details.

iBrochures can be used for corporate marketing, commercial property marketing, all B2B Marketing, user manuals & presentations.

i-Brochures are useful for many different applications, are versatile and cost effective.

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